The importance of compression shorts… FOR MEN!

compression short
Men… if you are not already wearing compression shorts under your training shorts while working out, you need to give it a go! Not only for your own sake but the sake of others as well.


>Compression shorts keep everything in place! (this means they keep your hammer and balls from bouncing all over the place especially if you are doing high intensity cardiovascular training!)

>If and when your regular training shorts start to ride up, compression shorts keep those ghostly white thighs covered up! (that one is for your sake and the sake of others)


>If you have ever asked for a spot from someone wearing shorts while performing a bench press, the last thing you want to be staring at as you’re about to crush some heavy reps are some balls in your face! (this works both ways, if you’re asked to spot someone and you are wearing shorts with no compression shorts, you don’t want to be the balls on display!)

Other than the benefits I just listed, compression shorts are all around more comfortable to train in than boxers, boxer briefs or the infamous “tight whitey!”